Mark Group Case Study

Cross-channel marketing enables Mark Group, the energy saving experts, to grow its brand and acquire new customers

Mark Group was founded in 1974. Pioneering cavity wall and loft insulation in Leicestershire, it rapidly became the leading domestic specialist in the UK. Having since expanded to the global market, Mark Group is now a leading installer of renewable energy technologies.

“Experian Marketing Services’ ability to implement a cross-channel marketing approach enabled us to launch a successful combined Facebook and email campaign. Getting a clearer picture of who our potential customers were meant we were able to engage with people more likely to be in need of our services.”
– Chris Fleming, Digital Marketing Executive Mark Group


Mark Group had historically sourced new customers through its B2B partnerships, telesales and government grant activity to great success. Changes in legislation meant that Mark Group had to start looking for new sources of customers and so engaged Experian Marketing Services to trial new direct channels for targeted B2C advertising and sales.


Over a period of time, using a test and learn approach, Experian ran a series of campaigns across direct mail, email, Facebook and digital advertising, to determine their effectiveness for Mark Group. Following initial trials, a series of dual use email campaigns was launched using Experian’s Consumer demographic insight and ConsumerView database including best practice processes to test timings and frequency. At the same time a Facebook advertising campaign was launched targeting individuals who were also receiving the email campaign.

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