Helping Movember and Merlin engage and communicate with customers

Movember Foundation

The hugely successful Movember Foundation worked with Experian to make its email marketing more relevant and effective.

With an email list of over 27 million the foundation used Experian’s expertise in data collection and analysis to help understand its customers in order to know the right way to communicate with the right people.

John Merakovsky, MD Experian Australia and New Zealand, said: “The world is getting a lot more complicated for marketers with the proliferation of devices and channels through which to communicate with consumers as well as an exploding array of data and data sources.

“What we’ve done for Movember is really bring in our expertise on how to engage consumers through the art of email and that’s everything from the initial sign up through on going engagement.”


Merlin is Europe’s biggest attractions company and is responsible for a wide array of attractions from the London Eye to Thorpe Park.

Experian was brought on board to persuade people who visit individual Merlin attractions to consider visiting others.

Victoria Manning, Account Director, said: “For each attraction they had their own email newsletter list and they used to market to them separately.”

Experian coordinated customer data from all attractions to build clear picture of individual customers. It was then easy to identify which customers from one attraction might want to visit another one.

Victoria said: “We were able to tell Merlin who their best customers are, what they look like, what their demographics lifestyles, behaviours and then we can help them to find more of those and it helps with campaign targeting.”

Experian could then create campaigns for specific groups of people at specific times.

Experian Marketing Services

Email is just one of the tools Experian uses to help brands talk to their customers.

Brian Cassin, CEO Experian, said: “It’s an industry that is evolving – it’s moving towards an industry that is focused on the use of science and technology to drive better marketing decisions and to do that you need to rely on two things, really good data and the ability to turn that data into actionable decisions, which is the core strength of Experian.”