Top Marketing Statistics for 2016

Nicholas Moore2015 was a great year for marketing – and I’m sure we can expect 2016 to be just as interesting (check out these marketing predictions from Dan Kennedy for more).

For the time being here’s a list of some of our favourite marketing stats for the year ahead. Hit ‘Share this on Twitter‘ for prepopulated Tweets including a link to the source.

You can find the sources in the key at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

 Single Customer Views

  • 89% of brands have difficulties creating a Single Customer View** Share this on Twitter 
  • 37% of marketers say the lack of a Single Customer View is inhibiting them from marketing across channels** Share this on Twitter 
  • Top challenges to creating an SCV are Poor data quality, siloed departments and an inability to link different technologies** Share this on Twitter 

Email Marketing

  • Emails were 3% more likely to be opened in Q2, 2015, than the same period in 2014*** Share this on Twitter 
  • Over 50% of emails are now opened on mobile devices*** Share this on Twitter 
  • Emails sent with personalised subject lines, including either first name, surname, or another unique identifier such as account number, were 7% more likely to be opened than emails sent with blanket subject lines *** Share this on Twitter 
  • Average click-to-open rate decreased by 3% across all industries year-on-year*** Share this on Twitter 

 Data quality

  • 61% of consumers are put off by communications that use incorrect personal details‡ Share this on Twitter 
  • 49% of consumers think less of a brand when incorrect data is used –not just the loss of a potential sale but damage to that customer’s view of the brand‡ Share this on Twitter 
  • Only 13.8% of brands said they are very confident the data they collect is accurate‡ Share this on Twitter 
  • 32% of UK brands state inaccurate data is a major challenge to implementing personalisation‡ Share this on Twitter 


  • Emails sent with personalised subject lines, including either first name, surname, or another unique identifier such as account number, were 7% more likely to be opened than emails sent with blanket subject lines*** Share this on Twitter 
  • 61% of UK marketers are personalising basic data like first names (compared to 50% globally and 55% in North America)† Share this on Twitter 
  • 42% of UK Marketers  are personalising based on behavioural data, like past or abandoned purchase (compared to 39% globally)† Share this on Twitter 
  • Only 9% of UK marketers are personalising based on more sophisticated attitudinal data, like whether they are price sensitive versus impulse buyers (compared to 17% globally)† Share this on Twitter 
  • 12% of UK marketers do not personalise (compared to 14% globally)† Share this on Twitter 
  • UK marketers say top three barriers to personalisation are lack of internal resources, lack of technology and inaccurate data† Share this on Twitter 
  • 86% of UK brands are currently personalising their communications to some extent‡ Share this on Twitter 
  • 7% of marketers said personalisation was ‘very important’ to their business‡ Share this on Twitter 
  • Not a single marketer said it was ‘not important’ ‡ Share this on Twitter 
  • 5% of UK marketers said they intend to personalise based on past purchase and abandoned basket information‡ Share this on Twitter 
  • 7% of UK marketers planning on using attitudinal data like whether customers are price sensitive or impulsive in the near future‡ Share this on Twitter 
  • The top three most justifiable uses of personal information according to consumers:‡ Share this on Twitter 
    1. Providing you with discounts on things you have bought in the past (54%)
    2. Discounts on your birthday (53%)
    3. Informing you of deals or information relevant to your closest store (56%)
  • 27% of respondents happy for their data to be used to provide information on products similar to past purchases‡ Share this on Twitter 
  • 21% said they’d be happy for their data to be used for prompts for items that may need to be purchased on a regular basis‡ Share this on Twitter 
  • 31% agree with receiving personalised messages wishing them a happy birthday‡ Share this on Twitter 
  • 53% agree with receiving personalised messages offering them a birthday discount‡ Share this on Twitter 

Data enrichment

Company Structure

  • 42% of UK marketing teams are currently integrated rather than broken out by channel (35% globally)† Share this on Twitter 


  • 18% of marketers do not track attribution of their marketing campaigns and channels† Share this on Twitter 
  • 49% of UK marketers use single touch or closed loop campaign measurement to attribute their campaigns† Share this on Twitter 
  • Only 10% of UK marketers use more sophisticated techniques like multi touch allocation and only 8% use fractional † Share this on Twitter 
  • Only 7% of UK marketers said they do not have challenges attributing revenue to the correct channels† Share this on Twitter 
  • 42% of UK marketers cite their biggest barrier to accurate revenue attribution is integrating data from multiple systems and databases† Share this on Twitter 

Customer journey and experience

Big Data

  • Over half of companies (55%) have a Big Data strategy in place to analyse large sets of data* Share this on Twitter 
  • A third of companies (33%) plan to introduce a Big Data Strategy within the next 12 months* Share this on Twitter 
  • One in eight companies (that’s 12%) have no plans to introduce a Big Data Strategy* Share this on Twitter 
  •  64% of companies that plan to introduce a big data strategy in the next 12 months have assigned part of their IT budget towards it, with on average, 25% allocated towards it* Share this on Twitter 


*Experian Data Quality – Global Data Management Research 2016 (report launch: March 2016)

**2015 Experian Single Customer View White Paper

***Experian Q2 Email Benchmark report

† The Experian 2015 Digital Marketer Report

‡ 2015 Experian Personalisation Report

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