Data-driven decisions are more critical than ever

We currently live in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous times – VUCA is the new acronym we are all using in the business world.

As businesses and consumers start to face a long recovery process, it’s imperative for both that the right decisions are made at the right time. Data-driven decisions are more critical than ever, and processes need to be flawless, preserving both company and customers.

As such, we decided to run two webinars dedicated to key sectors: Utilities and Financial Services.

Both online sessions explore precisely how companies may use data and cloud based SaaS decisioning technology to:

  • Develop automated, efficient and flexible onboarding journeys that the end user can control
  • Keep acquisition costs under control and minimise friction through the delivery of straight through processing
  • Utilise new ‘Trended’ data-sets which provide a 360 degree view of the applicant to improve decision-making
  • Electronically identify and verify applicants without the need for manual intervention

Webinar for Utility Providers

This 60 minutes webinar is a highly sophisticated discussion with subject matter experts, where the main concepts of automation and data are explored, and professionals from top Utility providers speak about their approach and current processes.


  • Introduction and the changing face of Credit & Risk Post Covid
    – Chris Sanders – Head of Accreditation – CICMQ
    – Stuart Surridge – Head of Utilities Mid-Market – Experian
  • Utility Market Insight
    – Colette Land – Senior Consultant – Experian
  • Future Proof – Collections
    – Jez Graham – Head of Risk Transformation – Npower
    – Sharon Noland – Head of Credit & Collections – Gazprom Energy
  • The digital customer journey
    – Adam Simpson – Senior Consultant – Experian

Webinar for Financial Services

This online panel gathered subject matter experts from different backgrounds, allowing a peered discussion on how Financial Services may leverage from automation and predictive data to enhance processes and decision-making – The content of this session is a deep-dive on data processes for Financial Services.


  • Helene Panzarino – FinTech Relationship Professional, Author and Business Advisor
  • Simon Forster – Senior Consultant from Experian
  • Kevin Daly – Account Director from Experian


  • The Digital Customer Journey
  • Changing Face of Credit & Risk Post Covid-19
  • Data-Driven Decisioning
  • Future Proof & Collections

Thank you for watching and please get in touch if you have any questions.