Our top 5 payments blogs in the last 12 month

Over the past year our Payments blogs have proved to be very popular. And while we now have quite a library of payments blogs these are the 5 that have received the most visits:

In at number five is “What is a BIC used for?” following on from our post “What is a BIC?” this post looks at the 5 main uses for a Business (or Bank) Identifier Code.

Our fourth highest rating payments blog looks at SEPA and what it means for the UK as SEPA deadlines approach for us. If you’ve been wondering how SEPA might affect your business click here. While the timer below is showing time left before the next SEPA UK deadline.

Making an appearance at number three is “5 pitfalls to watch out for when using IBAN” If you’re going to be storing and transacting with International Bank Account Numbers check out this blog so you’ll know what you need to do – and what you’ll need to avoid!

Not quite in the top spot but nevertheless very popular has been our blog looking at the requirements for verifying bank account data in order to set up paperless direct debits. In short if you’re processing payments in this way you must be sure you know who the bank account belongs to.
And in the number one spot is “What is a BIC”. It seems that there are a lot of people looking for a quick and simple guide to understanding what a Bank or Business Identifier Code is.

If you’d like to see more of our payments blogs then click here to access the payments blog site – hope you find it useful!