The use of analytics to understand and interpret data is nothing new

But as our data universe has expanded, so have our technological capabilities.

Today’s advanced analytics can process huge volumes of data faster and more accurately than any human. And while artificial intelligence can’t replace human intervention entirely, it can help us deliver consistently better customer service and faster, more efficient back-office processing.

The role of analytics has evolved too. Traditionally analytics has been about prediction. Today, it’s more about optimisation – making the best possible choices, in every situation, quickly and accurately. While data analytics was previously used to solve existing problems, today we begin with data and use it to uncover patterns, spot anomalies and predict or identify new opportunities. Data analytics is highlighting trends and problems many never knew existed.

Explored in this paper:

  • Current business take up and priorities
  • Plugging into automation and machine learning
  • The impact and opportunity presented by 5G connectivity
  • Analytics on demand

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