Getting your customers into your business – especially via digital routes – is a high priority for businesses today. With McKinsey research suggesting that 85% of customers are lost as they try to strike up a relationship with a business online, it’s easy to see why businesses focus so much energy on onboarding. But what happens to those 15% that make it through the onboarding process? And how does this compare with the drop-out rates recorded by businesses? In truth, many companies overlook the ongoing customer journey completely. And this often causes unnecessary friction and customer frustration. The problem is, customers expect to continue doing business with you quickly and seamlessly. And if you don’t enable that, they’ll go to someone who will. In this paper we explore what frictionless feels like – and when friction can be a positive.

Topics explored in this whitepaper:

  • Priortising the customer journey
  • The causes of friction
  • Remove friction from customer journeys
  • Transforming your digital infrastructure

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