As the market struggles to extract true insight from data on their customers Experian are investing heavily into analytics through data labs.


Hi I am Alice Pinch and welcome to Experian. Today I am here with Paul Russell, Director of Analytical Solutions.

Alice: So Paul how is Experian driving innovation in analytics

Paul: Well we are investing heavily in the area of analytics if you think of the success that our data labs have brought to our business. Our data labs are areas where we have people with very specialist technical skills in mathematics and machine learning and tackling our client’s most difficult problems. That really is at the vanguard of our innovation, but behind that we are investing heavily in the UK to build big data infrastructure which will allow us to tackle some of those difficult problems within our business units so that we can industrialise that innovation capability. Increasingly those are the sort of things our clients are asking us to tackle.

Alice: How do you think this is going to change the marketplace?

Paul: I think all of our clients are wrestling with the problem of extracting value and insight from the new data that technology is bringing to their businesses and we have been answering those data questions for the last 30 years and we are very well positioned to bring our data and analytics to answer these new questions because really for us it is no change. We have been doing this for a very long time; we know how to do this going forward.

Alice: Thank you.