Jan 2020 | Data Insights | Risk Analytics

The digital age is upon us and its impact is front of mind for most organisations. Growing consumer expectations and digital demands require companies to respond faster and with more granularity than ever before. This is combined with an increasingly complex competitive landscape borne out of ever-changing and disruptive business models. To react, organisations are forced to continue to look for ways to improve the way they operate, become more efficient and put the customer at the heart of everything they do. Responding to these internal and external pressures, 77% of organisations we surveyed are adopting digital transformation initiatives. We conducted this research, in collaboration with DataIQ, to help organisations understand how they can prevent data quality pitfalls in digital transformation programmes. It’s clear from the research that digital transformation is not a one-size-fits-all strategy and the success of these initiatives relies on tackling increasingly complex data challenges.

Topics explored in this report:

  • What digital transformation looks like
  • Transformation across the empire
  • The customer perspective
  • The data and techonolgy perspective

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