Blog highlights of 2015

With 2015 coming to an end, we thought it’d be a good idea to take a look back at the most read blogs of the year. We saw that you were interested in a range of topics from credit scores to being environmentally friendly to cyber-attacks. Below, we reveal the top ten from this year and a quick summary of the main points from these.

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT is a tool that helps to analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a company. We explained how you can make the most of this tool to identify the strategies most appropriate for your business model that’ll best utilise the company’s resources and capabilities.

Experian launch 99 for £99

This year, we launched an exciting new product – 99 credit reports for £99 tailored especially for start-ups 24 months and below. SMEs are faced with lots of challenges which makes it hard for them to survive past the two-year mark. By offering affordable credit checking for new companies to check customers and suppliers, it can help your company celebrate many more birthdays after the second one.

How to build a targeted B2B prospect list

Targeting is one of the most important parts of business prospecting; targeting the right businesses with the right offer will substantially increase your chances of success maximising your opportunities to make a sale. Follow our five steps for the easiest, most cost-effective and profitable way to build a targeted business prospect list.

SME and cyber attack

This blog was very popular and it wasn’t surprising as research shows that cyber-attacks are an increasing problem for SMEs and so it’s worth paying more attention to it, know the potential risks and how to protect yourself.

Free vs paid credit reports

We frequently hear companies ask us why they should pay for credit reports when there are lots of free options in the market to credit check their customers and suppliers. We tell you the main differentiation including speed and depth of data and ease of use etc.


2015 highlights

Summer Budget 2015

In July, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced the summer budget. Many of you were intrigued to know how this would affect you as an SME including changes to the national living wage, driving small business investment, extended Sunday trading hours and much more.

Benefits of going green

On Monday 5th October, new government regulations meant retailers with over 250 employees started charging 5p per carrier bag, this initiated a lot of conversation about what it means to be green and the benefits it could potentially bring. Not only can it help your brand reputation and help you make cost savings but much more as well.

7 tips to turn leads into sales

Email marketing, direct mail, telemarketing – we all know the ways in which we can reach prospects but what happens after generating these leads? We gave you 7 tips to follow to help increase your chances of getting your return on investment.

Managing and Improving commercial credit score

Commercial credit scores are a key part of the application process for everything from bank loans to rental agreements and utility packages. They’re also important for new business generation with many taking in account potential suppliers credit score before agreeing to a new relationship. There are several steps company owners can take to improve their credit score.

2015 festive season predictions

A lot of you were intrigued to know what to expect in terms of sales for the Christmas season. As the profitable time of the year, you wanted to make sure your business was fully prepared along with knowing what quick tips and pointers could be taken away from last year.