A story of growth: How Hanna Financial Services protect their business and customers

Founded in 2010 as a sole trader, and incorporated in 2013, Hanna Financial Services is a financial broker providing asset-financing options for companies who need heavy machinery and vehicles. Bringing a wealth of knowledge, from 42 years in the industry, the team provides its customers with access to the best finance solutions.

Alister Hanna, Managing Director of the business, has been using Experian Business Express for over four years to run company credit checks on every client before providing any service. Here are his thoughts on how the service has helped him and his business over the past year.

Providing security

Working in partnership with external finance companies, Alister needs to ensure that every client he refers is financially secure, to protect the reputation of the business – whether it’s a new or existing client. Over the last 12 months, Hanna Financial Services has been using Experian Business Express around four to five times a week; Alister can be confident that every client he refers is financially stable and likely to meet their agreed repayments.

Explaining further, Alister said:

“In this business, it’s essential that we know exactly who we are working with. Some of the services we offer involve lending large sums of money, and if we put forward a proposal for a client with a low credit score, it can look bad for our business. Experian has helped us protect our reputation over the last year.

“One of the most important things for any finance broker, is to have customers who are not in danger of going into arrears with the finance company, and carrying a full company credit check is important to understand as much about a business as possible. After using Experian’s services in my previous role, I knew that the software was easy to use and provides high quality data – which was the main reason I began using it at Hanna Financial Services.”

Looking ahead

As a small business, avoiding any involvement with bad debt is key to its future success. By collecting credit reports on every client, Hanna Financial Services can ensure the relationships with the top independent lenders remain strong, by not putting forward any risky proposals. Alister concluded:

“Due to the ever-changing economic conditions this year, it’s nice to have security on some things, and that’s why it’s so important to monitor our customers. Looking to ahead to next year and beyond, there’s nothing I want more than for my daughter to take over the business, and having strong processes in place with quality systems makes me confident that she will be a success.”

Make safer decisions about who you do business with and grow your business without taking unnecessary risks with Experian Business Express.

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