Feb 2019 | Small Business

How Timothy James & Partners increased efficiencies in their business

Based in London’s West End, Timothy James & Partners is a financial consultancy firm that has been building client-adviser relationships since 1995. With a vision to deliver outstanding personalised services, the business has now gained over £1bn of funds, and has over 70 members of staff providing independent, tailored financial advice. Timothy James & Partners works on a referral basis, only taking clients that come from recommendations or professional introductions.

Ashwin Gopaul, who works within the Operations and Compliance department, has been using Experian Business Express for several years now, using the service to keep track of all of the company’s existing advisers.

Supporting excellence

As a financial advice service, Timothy James & Partners needs to ensure that all of its employed advisers are credit-worthy and not at risk of insolvency during any project they assist with.

The management team chose Experian Business Express primarily to provide an annual check of all their advisers, as well as any new recruits. Explaining further, Ashwin said:

“In our ongoing mission to provide an excellent service, we need to make sure that there are no issues which could call into question our staff’s integrity. Every year we carry out checks on our advisers required as part of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) fitness and properness checks. This helps our clients understand that all of our staff are reliable, professional and trustworthy.”

Before purchasing the software, the management team previously carried out the checks manually, using a paper based service that was delivered to the staff member’s home address, which meant that gathering the results together was very time consuming.

“Using the online system has streamlined our process significantly. Whenever we have to process a check, whether it’s for the annual reports, new employee records, or a specific client request, we’re always confident that we’ll receive a clear and instant response.

“We chose to purchase from Experian because they are a well established name in the industry, and we knew we could rely on them for quality and accurate information.”

Looking to the future

For Timothy James & Partners, increasing efficiency in every area of the business is key for the future.

Ashwin added:

“Experian plays a huge part in delivering the efficiencies that we need, and helps us meet our regulatory requirements. This helps us move in the right direction – towards a more secure and streamlined office.”

If like Ashwin you’d like the support from Experian to access quality and accurate information, click here to get full credit reports on any business with Experian Business Express.