Small businesses often have opportunities to innovate and explore new possibilities in their sector that larger businesses can’t keep up with. However, it’s easy for leaders of these businesses to allow the difficulties that they’re faced with to hide the opportunities.

In reality, being ambitious with your business and actively pursuing sustainable paths to growth is the best way to overcome the temporary difficulties that can seem so frustrating week to week.

This infographic helps you to visualise the common difficulties small businesses face, then shows you how successful businesses are growing anyway.

The paths to success for small businesses universally involve looking at sustainable, long-term changes and plans. For example, you may worry about what the competition are doing, but rather than focusing on ‘quick wins’ to undercut them, spending time innovating new products or processes will give you a longer lasting advantage for the years to come.

By investing time and energy into proven paths to growth, small business owners can continue to impact their sector, and get past the obstacles that seem to be holding them back.