Is my online reputation affecting my business?

A key consideration for most businesses is brand perception. How customers or prospective customers see your business can have a great impact on how they interact with you. If someone hears, reads or experiences something good about your business, then this may encourage them to engage with you, or ultimately buy from you. On the flip side, if someone reads, hears or experiences something bad, this may have a detrimental effect – it could even potentially discourage any future interactions with you.

That’s generally been the case for as far back in history as we care to remember. The thing that’s different nowadays is the fact that along with almost everything else, thoughts and feelings can be broadcast over the internet, at the touch of a button. Of course, word-of-mouth is still very much valid, but those same thoughts and feelings that would otherwise have been conveyed in person, can now be shared with an almost unlimited number of people. And it’s easy.

Think back to a time when you’ve uploaded something on social media. You may have been aware of friends and family reading it, due to their direct interaction via the platforms themselves, but have you ever had someone that didn’t interact with your content speak to you about the said content? So, how was your holiday? How’s the new puppy? It’s quite clear to see that any news, both good and bad, has a boundless reach in the modern world.

Now would be a good point to revisit the initial question. So is your online reputation affecting your business? Unfortunately, there’s no blanket answer to that question, but there are a number of ways that you can find this out yourself.

Your online reputation is important

In our previous post, we explored how you could manage the online reputation of your business. Of course, before you can manage your online reputation, you need to find out where you currently stand. That’s covered in our previous post too. In fact, it covers everything from research through to growth and measurement.

The key problem with a manual approach is that it can be quite time consuming. Not everyone enjoys the luxury of having spare time to perform such tasks. The last thing you’ll probably want to do after a busy day of running a business is to conduct arduous research.

What if this online reputation management process became a little simpler? We hear you!

Measure your online reputation with us

As well as monitoring your business credit profile in real-time, My Business Profile now offers the capability to measure your online reputation too. With an integrated solution developed in partnership with, it’s now possible to not only monitor the online reputation of your own business, but of up to three of your competitors too, so you can see how you compare and remain competitive online.

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