Keeping the entrepreneur inside of you motivated

No matter how exciting and thrilling it is setting up and running your company, at times it can be challenging and hard work. You won’t receive a warning from your manager if you don’t roll out of bed to get to work on time and no one will fire you if you produce mediocre work to get you by. It’s easy to lose the motivation to keep going once you’re immersed into the day to day challenges of running your company. But rest assured that you’re not alone and there are many ways to keep yourself motivated and the entrepreneurial spirit inside of you alive.

Remind yourself why you started

Being an entrepreneur is a long journey and the number one asset for a successful entrepreneur is perseverance. To keep yourself going when the going gets tough, remind yourself the reason you started in the first place. Were the goals financial so that you could buy a new house? Or was it because it was something you were very passionate about? Keep that vision inside your head and owe it to yourself to keep achieving and challenging yourself.

Set challenging and achievable goals

Create a big picture strategy for your company and set realistic goals for yourself and your company. Set a long term goal such as opening up a second shop within three years or targeting a certain amount of market share. To make this achievable and not demotivating in the short run, set small and measurable milestones so you can track your progress. Everything takes time, from partnerships to marketing to hiring good employees, establish a good plan and tackle it one day at a time.

Look after yourself

Being an entrepreneur can mean working round the clock and not being able to shut down. Set aside time in your schedule to do the things you enjoy, from spending time with family and friends, exercising to booking a holiday. You may worry about the million things that could go wrong in your absence but if you’re stuck in the same routine every day, it’s not only damaging to you but could also lead you to not making the best decisions. Taking a break or getting away can help your mind and body to re-calibrate, refresh and be back in full swing ready to run your company again.


Realise your progress

You may be a long way away from where you want to be or you may nearly be there, whichever it is look back on the progress you’ve made so far and give yourself a pat on the back. Not everyone has the courage to start their own company and certainly not everyone has the determination to continue on this journey. If you’ve made it this far, take some time to appreciate your own progress and you might be pleasantly surprised. You would’ve overcome some major obstacles and challenges, there may have been some bumpy areas but remember every mistake is a lesson learnt.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Too often, entrepreneurs have this misconception that once they start their own company, they are in this alone. They think they should know how to do everything, from finance to sales to marketing to operations. Yes, you started this company yourself and it was your own idea but there is beauty in delegation and partnership. Some of the most successful people know when to ask for help and to hire the aid of professionals when needed. This way you’re not stretching yourself and can make better use of your time managing areas of the company which you excel at.

Find similar people and groups

Building a good support group around you will help you to overcome problems you’re faced with and be inspired to keep ploughing through. Networking is crucial for any individual’s career and especially so for companies who want to get their name out and meet like-minded people. One way of doing this is joining business groups and clubs, in an informal but business like environment you can exchange ideas with others. These people may be able to give you valuable advice and feedback as they may have already been in your position. Alternatively, find a more experienced mentor who will be able to keep you focused and in line with your goals whilst learning from their experiences.