Advanced analytics

When we talk about advanced analytics we’re referring to a broad range of cutting-edge computing techniques created to give businesses greater insight into their data. Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence, as is deep learning or neural networks, not something different. They are all algorithms.

HR analytics in 2019: key themes and challenges

Hyper-connectivity, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics, neural networks, deep analytics, bitcoin, blockchain and self-learning systems. All these and more are transforming,...

Blog - Jun 2019
Overcoming the challenges of workforce analytics

Some 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years, and by 2020, the same amount of data again will be created every minute. With so much data now available, workforce analytics is...

Blog - Mar 2019
Experian nominated for two HR distinction awards

Last week saw Experian shortlisted for not one, but two HR distinction awards. The categories shortlisted were: Organisational strategy and HR innovation Innovation through technology Both...

Blog - Feb 2019
The future of HR in a technology and data-driven world

In a world that is more reliant on technology than ever before, there are many questions around how these technologies, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation, are going...

Blog - Jan 2019
Advanced Analytics

Making sense of big data It’s well understood that more data brings more opportunity. But to realise that potential, you need to be able to extract the relevant insight. Before data can be...

Whitepaper - Sep 2018
Risk in an open-data world

In our last White Paper: Rethinking affordability, we explored the increasing role of affordability in lending. At Experian, we welcome the FCA’s distinction between credit risk and...

Whitepaper - Sep 2018
Data + science = value, true value

When it comes to analytics, data science is front and centre of how a revolution is happening. The financial services, banking and insurance sectors all capture lots of data points and typically...

Blog - Aug 2018