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BusinessIQ – Making and managing the right credit decisions

Managing commercial credit is no walk in the park. You’re trying to help your business grow and mitigate risk whilst keeping bad debt to a minimum and run an efficient team. The decisions you...

Video - Aug 2019
Experian Real Time Connections – Fast simple integrations

  Quickly stream and integrate our comprehensive data into your own systems, workflows, websites and products with our Business Information APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Whether...

Video - Aug 2019
Experian BusinessView – Deliver the experiences your customers deserve

   Experian helps you build a deeper understanding of the businesses you call customers, so you can really connect and make data informed decisions to better engage with your customers and...

Video - Aug 2019
International Credit Risk Reports

  Trading globally can present a number of business challenges like: lack of transparency, making it hard to evaluate risk. It can create difficulty gaining access to information you trust, ...

Video - Aug 2019
One-stop business intelligence service for SMEs

Experian has been working hard to make its business information more accessible to small and medium sized firms (SMEs). This week we announced the most significant step so far in that journey....

Blog - May 2013
Zombies… what zombies?

I was drawn to a recent article in The Independent’s small business pages on corporate insolvencies entitled ‘It will take years to solve the zombie problem – if it...

Blog - May 2013