data analytics

Introducing Experian Ascend: Analytics on Demand

90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years. It’s well understood that more data brings more opportunity. But to realise that potential, you need to be able to extract the...

Blog - Aug 2018
Machine learning: making the possible, possible

Analytics has been around for decades. Many businesses are already using data and analytics to get to a certain outcome and have been in various formats for some time. That said, we’re still yet to...

Blog - Aug 2018
Who and what are the DataLabs?

Experian is a data company and has a great deal of data but alone data has no specific meaning – it needs to be intelligent, it needs to be understood for the data to be of value to the user, to...

Blog - Aug 2018
How FinTechs disrupt retail banking and other financial services
Data analytics helps housing associations

With the shift in housing benefit payments being made to individuals, coupled with recent welfare reforms and the rising cost of living, the risk of missing a rent payment has never been...

Blog - Oct 2015