identity and fraud

Experian UKI fraud report 2018 main image
UK & I Fraud Report 2018

Today we uncover a new fraud every 15 seconds. This year’s fraud report has shown a similar trend to last year. Current accounts continue to be targeted, as do the Urban Cohesion Mosaic...

Report - Oct 2018
UK&I Fraud Report 2017

This year’s fraud report shows some interesting trends. First, the data is suggesting we are moving back towards First Party fraud dominating over Third Party fraud. Current Accounts continue to be...

Whitepaper - Jan 2018
How the fraudster relates to ‘Where’s Wally’

Fraudsters hide in plain sight, blending in with legitimate customer traffic – just like their comic counterpart ‘Wally’. With so many people following the same journey it can be a challenge...

Blog - Nov 2016
Identity and fraud checking and the value to society

When we open accounts or access existing accounts, we know that checks will be made. It’s easy to presume that these are an inconvenience made to protect a business or because the law demands it....

Blog - Sep 2016