Small Business Tools

Access our business tools to help your small business, including a break even calculator, return on investment calculators and business loan calculator.

Percentage Discount Calculator

Use this simple tool to calculate the final cost and amount saved when applying a percentage discount to a...

Business Tool - Oct 2018
Break Even Calculator

Calculating your break-even point is an essential part of most business plans, especially for startup companies. Use this calculator to estimate your company’s break-even point, the number of units...

Business Tool - Apr 2017
Email Return On Investment Calculator

Use our email return on investment calculator to discover how effective your latest email campaign was. Quickly determine the impact of your conversions, by entering the values in the calculator...

Business Tool - Apr 2017
Percentage Calculator

Use our percentage calculators below to determine the difference between two values, the percentage of a given number or what percentage a number is of another...

Business Tool - Apr 2017
Return on Investment Calculator

Calculating the return on investment (ROI) that a project gives your business is an essential part of reviewing finished projects and planning new ones. An ROI calculation simply looks at how much a...

Business Tool - Dec 2016
Business Loan Calculator

A business loan is often the most straightforward route to securing funding for your business. However, you should only take out a loan if you’re sure that you’ll be able to pay it back, along...

Business Tool - Dec 2016
VAT Calculator

Businesses that are registered for VAT (value added tax) need to pay HMRC a certain percentage of the money they receive from any ‘taxable supplies’, which includes things like business sales,...

Business Tool - Dec 2016
Business Tool - Feb 2016