What is the Pensions Dashboard? The Pensions Dashboard is an online platform which allows individuals to see and manage all their pensions, from multiple organisations, all in one place. The Pensions Dashboard is designed to help reduce unclaimed pensions savings and support individuals to manage their financial futures better. Experian were selected to help build the prototype and we feel it’s a transformative opportunity for the market.


Pensions Dashboard – what are the key challenges for the industry?

Marie Walker of Finance Edge asks Richard Howells, Director of Insurance, Wealth, Life and Pensions at Experian UK & Ireland, to discuss some of the issues for the industry with the pensions dashboard.

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Pensions whitepaper

Using the data revolution to benefit customers

“According to Royal London research – nearly 60% of Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s) believe that the dashboard if built correctly, will encourage more people to be engaged with their pensions”


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65% say privacy and security key for pensions dashboard

New research from Experian outlines public views ahead of next year’s planned launch.

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Data Quality Management for the Pensions Dashboard

Prepare your data for the implementation of the Pensions Dashboard

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Why data quality is integral to Pensions Dashboard success

With the DWP urging providers to get their data ready for the dashboard, we look at why this is so important.

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