Unlock the secrets of holiday shopping and festivities through consumer dynamics across mobility insights and Spend insights

The need for data-driven insights has never been more crucial, especially when it comes to understanding the modern Christmas consumer. For retailers and their interconnected ecosystem, navigating the intricacies of consumer behaviours during the festive season is not merely an option—it’s a strategic imperative.

Watch our webinar below for a deep dive into the key drivers that are influencing shopper behaviours and its profound implications for retail and diverse sectors. Our industry experts from Experian and Visitor Insights will empower you with critical insights into how economic dynamics shape consumer behaviours, especially during the pivotal holiday season.

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In the session we covered

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Economic overview

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Mobility trends

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Christmas and consumer behaviours

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Spend insights

Meet the speakers

Image of Isabelle Hease

Isabelle Hease

CEO & Head of Product, Visitor Insights

Image of Ashley Spencer

Ashley Spencer

Insight Consultant, Experian Marketing Services

Watch the webinar

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Experian’s Mobility Insights harnesses geolocation data to deliver a comprehensive understanding of human behaviours such as patterns and movements within various locations across the UK. This isn’t just about mapping activity; we utilise advanced algorithms and extensive datasets to transform this data into clear, actionable insights about consumer interactions with different spaces and places.

Central to our approach is the integration with Experian’s market leading Mosaic Segmentation. This means we don’t just show you ‘where’ interactions happen but also provide you with a rich understanding of ‘who’ is interacting, by delving into demographic insights.

Find out more about Experian’s Mobility Insights.

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Find out how Experian can help your business to unlock human behaviour with mobility insights that tell you not just the "where'", but the "who".

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