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Experian Consumer Reports

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Consumer Credit Reports

When it comes to financial risk, the people you’re dealing with can be just as important as where they’ve come from or who they work for.

Experian Consumer Reports let you check an individual’s credit report online, allowing you to make quick, informed decisions about who you do or don't want to do business with.

So, if you’re looking for more information on a company director, business proprietor, or extending credit to individuals, our Consumer Reports will give you the information you need.

How a consumer report can help

  • Check the credit status of company directors, proprietors and individuals
  • Decide who you do or don’t want to do business with
  • Access information from the Electoral Roll, Public Information File, and details of aliases and associations
  • Receive simple and easy-to-use risk scores in realtime

Get access to consumer credit reports

How it works

Electoral Roll Data

The Electoral Roll provides a list of every person in the UK who is registered to vote in either UK or European elections. It contains full forenames and surnames for those currently and previously registered at an address

Public Information File

The Public Information File uses information from Registry Trust Ltd, Official Gazettes and the Insolvency Service. It currently contains 4.7 million County Court Judgments (CCJs), decrees in Scotland, UK bankruptcies, administration orders and voluntary arrangements

Aliases and Associations

Experian has created a database containing details of over 127 million financial aliases and associations. This information is obtained from CAIS, from organisations making an enquiry and from consumers themselves

Risk Scores

We distil the data held on our credit databases into simple and easy-to-use risk scores

Sample Consumer Report

View a sample consumer credit report to see what information you should expect to find from these reports...

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