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The Journey to Starting Your Own Business

If you’re thinking about starting a business, then you’re standing at the start of an exciting journey. Starting your own business is your chance to turn your ideas into reality, and do something that no one has done before.


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How to Manage Cash Flow in Your Business

Staying on top of your business’s cash flow can seem like a tough task, with multiple payments going in and out that you need to monitor.

But by understanding where your cash is coming from and going to, you can employ strategies to set your business up for success.

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Secrets to Small Business Success

Small businesses often have opportunities to innovate and explore new possibilities in their sector that larger businesses can’t keep up with.

This infographic helps you to visualise the common difficulties small businesses face, then shows you how successful businesses are growing anyway.

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Business Calculators

Discount Saving Calculator icon

Discount Saving Calculator

Use this simple tool to calculate the final cost and amount saved when applying a…

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Break Even Calculator icon

Break Even Calculator

Calculating your break-even point is an essential part of most business plans, especially for startup…

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Percentage calculator icon

Percentage calculator

Use our percentage calculators below to determine the difference between two values, the percentage of…

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Email return on investment calculator icon

Email return on investment calculator

Use our email return on investment calculator to discover how effective your latest email campaign…

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Business Loan Calculator icon

Business Loan Calculator

A business loan is often the most straightforward route to securing funding for your business.…

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Return on Investment Calculator icon

Return on Investment Calculator

Calculating the return on investment (ROI) that a project gives your business is an essential…

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VAT Calculator icon

VAT Calculator

Businesses that are registered for VAT (value added tax) need to pay HMRC a certain…

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