Give your business a very Merry Christmas!

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With the festive season fast approaching, businesses everywhere are dusting the cobwebs off their giant Santas and starting to plan their seasonal sales. December 25th isn’t the only date to mark on the calendar though. With Black Friday (24th November), Cyber Monday (27th November) and Small Business Saturday (2nd December) happening over the next couple of months, there are plenty of opportunities to jump on the festive band wagon and give your business a very merry Christmas!


Why bother?

If you’re feeling a bit ‘bah, humbug’ about the whole thing, then these stats may be just the cheering glass of eggnog that you need to get you motivated. Take a look at how businesses benefited last year…

  • Businesses saw a 70-93% uplift in traffic during Cyber Monday and Black Friday1
  • £1.2 billion in sales were made on Black Friday1
  • Customers spent £717 million with small businesses on Small Business Saturday2 (an increase of 15% on 2015)


10 ways to prepare

You’ve still got time to make the most of this year’s festive season for your business. Here’s how…

1. Plan your sales well in advance

The last thing you want is to launch a wildly successful seasonal promotion but then not actually have the stock or resource to fulfil it.

2. Create an email campaign

Get your customers engaged early by letting them know what offers you’re planning and exactly when they can purchase. You might even consider offering special discounts to your loyal subscribers.

If your email list is lacking, services like Experian Business Assist can help you to find the right customers faster with targeted mailing lists.

3. Build hype with social media

Start talking about your festive deals well in advance to build some buzz and anticipation.

4. Test your tools

If things go well, your processes, technology and staff are going to be more stretched than normal. Make sure they’re up to it by testing beforehand.

5. Keep your suppliers in the loop

If you’re expecting to make more sales, then avoid any last minute embarrassment by letting your suppliers know well in advance, to make sure they can keep up with the increase in demand.

6. Optimise your cart abandonment journey

With the increase in traffic, you can also expect your cart abandonment rates to go up. Make sure you have a great email campaign set up to try to recapture as many of those lost customers as possible.

7. Be mobile ready

In 2016, mobile phones accounted for 54% of traffic and 31% of sales3. That’s an awful lot to miss out on if you’re website isn’t mobile responsive…

8. Stay secure

An increase in traffic might put your site security at higher risk so make sure that you’re prepared and that all your security software is up to date and that your fraud detection covers all channels.

9. Give customers flexible payment options

Christmas, more than any other time, pushes consumers to their financial limits. If you can allow them to spread their spending by offering credit and payment plans, you’ll potentially increase your sales even further.

10. Avoid financial risk

Offering flexible payment options is a great benefit for your customers. However, do make sure it doesn’t result in any financial detriment for you.  Avoid the risk of late or non-payment by checking potential customers’ credit history beforehand.

If your customers are other businesses, then you can use services such as Experian Business Assist to credit check any UK company.


Here’s to a very merry Christmas for your business – and a prosperous new year.


Source: 1, VE, 2. Small Business Saturday UK, 3. AWA Digital

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