Expert Corner: Top tips to a successful sale – part 2

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In part 1, our sales expert James shared with us his first 3 tips to JRmaking a successful sale. This included using the RBS structure, putting customers first and asking the right questions.

In this next part, he talks to us about the importance of listening, having self-belief and being competitive.


One of the approaches that I’ve heard a lot over the years is ‘throw up and show up’. Simply talking at the customer or regurgitating off a script, here’s the product, this is what it does, and do you like it?

Instead, you need to be taking a consultative approach. Listen and digest before responding. Find out what their challenges are, what their business plans are for the future and how they plan to fill the gaps in the process. Remember that you’re speaking to a person who works in a business, show empathy for them and their problems, and then present your solution. A benefit can only be a benefit if it’s relevant to the customers need.

A very good analogy I use is ‘the drill and a hole’. Nobody bought a drill because they one day thought, ‘I want a drill’. They may have initially needed to make a hole so for this, they need a drill. It’s about flipping the problem on its head and finding out what the hole is and the size of the hole, after you’ve found this gap, plug it. The need is to make a hole, not the drill. The solution to the need, is the drill.

Confidence and self-belief

As simple as it sounds, believe in your own ability, not being arrogant and thinking you’re the best but having the conviction before you can persuade someone else. Would you buy from a sales person who seemed unsure of what they were selling and kept reading from a handbook?

Believe in the products or services that you’re selling and that this is what they need. It’s going to be hard to persuade someone to buy from you when you don’t sound too convincing yourself. Understandably, it’s not always possible to be a full supporter of what you’re selling, in which case you need to find a reason to believe. If you don’t, ask yourself, are you selling the right product?

My passion has always been delivering a service and making sure the customer gets something that truly helps them. Don’t forget you’re speaking to an individual and not a business. People buy from people.


The most successful sales people I’ve seen are the ones who are highly competitive and wanting to win. These people tend to be very motivated to chase sales and do well rising in the face of resilience.

If you think about it, it’s obvious why. Most, if not all of sales team will have a leader board where you can see how you compare to the rest of the team. Healthy competition is good competition. With a competitive streak in you, you’ll want to outdo others in the team to continually come out on top.

Someone’s passion to succeed will ultimately be reflected in their actions and drive them to take action and continue to fight. The passion to succeed can bring out the competitive streak in someone as they’ll want to win the business and not a let a competitor do so.

So there you have it, our top tips for successful sales from our in-house expert James. Just in time as well, since it’s coming up to Christmas which is the busiest time of the year for most businesses.

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