Making the most of the latest developments in data-driven marketing

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As a marketing professional, meeting the ever-changing needs of customers is always high on the agenda. So, it’s no surprise that in a recent Experian survey, just over half1 of marketing professionals stated that improving their understanding of customer needs, attitudes and motivations was one of their biggest priorities for the year ahead.

However, without the right data or processes, you might struggle to consistently deliver positive experiences and relevant messages to your customers, no matter how good your intentions.

Thankfully, there are a number of steps that you can take to best harness the latest developments in data-driven marketing, allowing you to consistently reach the right people, with the right message.

More personal communication

Now more than ever, your customers expect to be treated as individuals, so creating opportunities for a personalised experience should be a top priority.

Marketers already understand this, and more than a quarter of those who took part in our survey said they wanted to tailor their personalisation more accurately and consistently.

Although 85% personalise their emails, just 28% currently personalise their on-site experience.  Even though many marketers want to move towards a more tailored customer experience, almost half felt that the quality and quantity of data was stopping them from moving ahead. This is certainly a valid concern, since inaccurate data, such as an email addressed to the wrong person, could lead to a negative customer experience.

With the help of marketing data tools, such as Experian B2B Prospector, issues such as both data quantity and quality can be addressed, allowing you to move forward with bespoke messages for your customers.

Getting to grips with the GDPR

The marketing sector is making great strides towards not just getting a grip on the latest laws from the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but also in recognising the fresh opportunity it provides to update working practices and evaluating customer engagement.

The introduction of the GDPR legislation comes at a time where the ‘scattergun’ approach to marketing no longer cuts it with customers. Under the GDPR there are six grounds for processing data, one of which is legitimate interests’.

Tools such as Experian B2B Prospector can bolster your marketing activities by providing data that is not only GDPR compliant on the grounds of legitimate interest, but also provides a targeted and relevant marketing resource for your business.

To find out more about how Experian B2B Prospector can help you to reap the benefits of data-driven marketing click here, or phone 0870 012 1111 to speak to an Account Manager.

Please note that while we can support businesses with their preparations for the GDPR, we cannot offer legal counsel or compliance advice and this blog should not be considered as such.

Source: 1. Data taken from Experian 2018 Digital Marketer Report

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