Support the summer of sport and boost your business marketing

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Score some success with this summer’s sporting events

Whether you wait all year for Wimbledon to come around, or you hate how the Tour de France takes over your TV, there’s no denying that summer sporting events can offer a great hook for your business marketing. Here’s our advice on how to capitalise on the summer of sport.

Plan ahead

Get organised and create a content calendar for the year that includes all the key sporting events. Think about promotions that you can tie into each and then work out what materials you will need to make it happen. You’ll then have a ready-made action plan to keep you focused on maximising sales.

Find a partner

Can you work together with other local businesses to create themed promotions or events that could benefit everyone? A street showing of the Wimbledon final with food, drink and deckchairs supplied by different local businesses? Or a promoted cycle tour of cafes with a stamp to collect in each and freebies to be won?

Get in on the action

Theme your products around the big names making headlines. Can you tailor your menu, bundle products or create new lines to make a link and attract attention?

Create some giveaways

If your budget can stretch to it, buying up some tickets to key events can serve as fantastic competition prizes, particularly if they are hot tickets that are no longer available.

React quickly

Demonstrate that you’ve got your finger on the pulse by referencing the winners, the losers and the hot gossip in your social media content. Try encouraging customers to come and celebrate their heroes by offering discounts if a particular team or player succeeds.

Be creative

Jump outside your comfort zone and dream up some creative approaches to attract new customers. Could you host an event outside normal working hours, create a pop-up in an unusual place or invent a stunt that will get you noticed?

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