Customer data: 8 ways to build trust

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There’s no denying that we live in a data driven society and that as marketers and business owners, we need to understand how to truly harness the power of our customer data in order to thrive. The first step in doing that is building customer trust so they’re happy to part with their data in the first place.

By following the eight steps below1, you’ll be able to build not only trust, but strong relationships with your customers.

1) Focus on the ‘value exchange’

Our research reveals 69% of customers are happy to share details with brands in order to receive discounts on products they want. If you can clearly communicate what the data is being used for and the benefits to both parties, then you’ll be more likely to create a relationship built on trust making it more likely they’ll share their information.

2) Communicate clearly

Consumers are pretty savvy when it comes to the more ‘underhand’ marketing tactics. Don’t litter your messaging with jargon and complexity. Make it easy for people to understand and they’ll see you have nothing to hide.

3) Don’t ask for too much

The value exchange is a vital part of building trust with your customers. If they see why you need their data and the benefit to them in sharing it then they’ll be happy to trust you. If you ask for data where there is no clear purpose, then you’ll put doubt in their mind about what it’s being used for.

4) Acknowledge customers’ fears

Some data is more sensitive than others and customers may feel more hesitant or worried about sharing it. If you can acknowledge their fears and address them, you’ll build a stronger relationship, and in so doing, more trust.

5) Reassure

With news of data breaches appearing all too often, many customers will rightly have questions about the security of their data. Be prepared to answer these questions and ensure that you’re able to reassure them about your data management and security policies.

6) Empower your customers

Your customers want to make their own decisions about their data. After all, wouldn’t you? Empower them by giving them the information they need to make an informed decision and by not trying to control them or tell them what to do.

7) Be accountable

Be open about the regulatory bodies your business is accountable to so that they can see you take your responsibilities as a data custodian seriously – and that they have somewhere to go should any problems arise.

8) Put your customers first, always

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, put your customers at the heart of all the decisions you make as a business. If you truly put your customers first, then their trust will naturally follow. Look at every aspect of your customer journey through their eyes and make sure that your messaging, your policies, your products and your services are created to be clear and transparent, to respect and protect their data and to build a long-lasting and trusting relationship with them.

Our guide to GDPR will give you some excellent tips on getting started with your own data strategy.

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1 Experian whitepaper ‘Delivering value in the digital age’

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