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Every year, in the first week of October, National Customer Service Week takes place. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of customer service and the vital role it plays in businesses.

In a marketplace where consumers are offered more options than ever, customer service is increasingly important. Have you ever wondered how the UK faired in terms of customer satisfaction? And the importance and benefits that great customer service can bring?

Twice a year, the Institute of Customer Service publishes a UK Customer Satisfaction Index report. This year’s survey was based on over 42,000 participants from different sectors. The survey asks questions around quality of service and products, ease of doing business and much more.

Below are some findings you may be interested in:

  • For the third year, customer satisfaction has increased year-on-year in the UK
  • The biggest increases were in the following sectors:
    • Public Services (National)
    • Utilities
    • Insurance and Transport
  • Most sectors have shown improvement apart from banks and building societies
  • John Lewis lost its throne to Amazon to be the company with top customer service (1)
  • The factor that sets apart top companies is the handling of complaints

It is great to see that the UK is doing so well in serving its customers. It even scored the highest average score across Europe.

But what do the findings mean for your business?

  • Customer service could be the deciding factor between you and a competitor
    • Compared to two years ago, customers prioritise excellent customer service, even if it costs more
  • First impressions make a difference
    • The early stages of contact with a customer are the most crucial. The first year is when they are most likely to make a complaint and have lower satisfaction levels
  • For those that do business across Europe
    • The top priorities for customers are staff attitude and behaviour

There are many benefits for companies that make great customer service a priority:

  • Four out of five retail food companies with higher than average customer satisfaction, achieved year-on-year sales growth.
  • Banks that had higher than average customer satisfaction were more successful in gaining customers.
  • Customers that rated organisations highly for customer satisfaction perceived them as more trustworthy

Now you know how well the UK perform in terms of customer service. Will you make improvements to set your business apart from the rest of the market?  The findings above show the benefits that good customer service can bring. It could be the most priceless way of attracting and keeping customers. Read our blog on steps to improving customer service.

Source: UKCSI report July2016; 1 Telegraph January2016

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