3 reasons it’s a good time to start your own business

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Here in the UK, over half a million people are starting new businesses each year, but what makes them think it’s the right time? In a recent interview with Emma Jones, the founder of Enterprise Nation, she told Experian about three very good reasons why now is a great time to be going into business…


1) It’s never been cheaper to start and run a business

Thanks to recent advances in technology there are now tools, apps and services available which help businesses run at much lower costs and with much greater efficiency than ever before.

You can build your website in a morning for just a few pounds.

You can set up your email marketing in a matter of minutes and it’ll cost you no more than your monthly gym membership.

Thanks to services from Experian Business Assist, you can get instant access to valuable data to help you find the right customers quickly and efficiently.

No more expensive developer costs or hefty technology bills.


2) You can run your business around your family and day job

Thanks to digital marketing and online business, new business owners not only face fewer costs, but they can also lessen the impact their new business has on their personal finances and family life.

It’s now possible to maintain a day job and grow your business on the side until you feel ready to take the plunge completely, which leads nicely onto reason three…


3) Freedom and flexibility

Many people choose to start a new business for the freedom and control being your own boss offers.

You want to work the hours you choose, rather than fitting around someone else’s schedule. You want to work from wherever you like, whether it’s in your PJ’s, on the sofa or drinking cocktails on a beach in Hawaii. And you want to have the kind of impact that, thanks to the internet, has never been so attainable.

If you’re considering starting your own business, then now might just be the perfect time.


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