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Discount Saving Calculator icon

Discount Saving Calculator

Use this simple tool to calculate the final cost and amount saved when applying a…

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Break Even Calculator icon

Break Even Calculator

Calculating your break-even point is an essential part of most business plans, especially for startup…

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Percentage calculator icon

Percentage calculator

Use our percentage calculators below to determine the difference between two values, the percentage of…

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Email return on investment calculator icon

Email return on investment calculator

Use our email return on investment calculator to discover how effective your latest email campaign…

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Business Loan Calculator icon

Business Loan Calculator

A business loan is often the most straightforward route to securing funding for your business.…

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Return on Investment Calculator icon

Return on Investment Calculator

Calculating the return on investment (ROI) that a project gives your business is an essential…

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VAT Calculator icon

VAT Calculator

Businesses that are registered for VAT (value added tax) need to pay HMRC a certain…

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