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Is the person you’re speaking to who they say they are? Is their passport, driving license or ID genuine or is it a fake? And what happens if they or their company disappears, leaving you with a potential bad debt? We can help you deal with all these situations, and so defend your business and ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

Building long term, mutually rewarding relationships with your customers is necessary for your business to have long term success. But how can you protect yourself from the risk of fraud, yet still give the customer a good service experience from the start?

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We can also help with


Consumer Credit Reports

Credit check your customers and tenants to view if they can meet commitments and lending expectations.


International Business Reports

Credit check any international company and have peace of mind when doing business overseas.


Own Company Report

An in-depth credit report for your own business. This is how lenders see your business profile and so should you.


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