B2B Marketing data list prices

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B2B Prospector is a pay as you go list building service, enabling you to buy the specific type of data that you require, at an affordable price. 
There are three ways to pay:

  • Credit card
  • Setting up a credit account and pay for your data monthly in arrears - To do this you should ring the Product Support Centre on: 0870 012 1111
  • Purchasing pre pay credits.

Standard contact record price

Company name and address, contact person and their function - From 10p.

Additional details for each business

  • Email address - from 15p
  • Company registration number - 2p
  • Turnover - 2p
  • Thomson classification - 2p
  • No. of employees on site - 3p
  • Date established - 2p
  • Head office indicator – 2p
  • Legal status - 2p
  • Telephone number - 5p
  • Commercial mosaic - 10p
  • Number of employees in business - 2p
  • SOHO - 2p
  • Total trading sites - 2p
  • Registered office yes/no - 2p
  • Age of business - 2p
  • New opportunities - 25p
  • Premises type - 2p

Telephone numbers

Add telephone numbers that have been screened against the Telephone Preference Service and Corporate Telephone Preference Service registers, helping you to meet compliance regulations by preventing unsolicited calls.

Email address

Enabling you to run cost effective email campaigns.

Total trading sites, number of employees and turnover

Give your marketing campaign the best chance of success by identifying your best prospects.

Concentrate your marketing efforts on locations where you can reach decision makers.

New opportunities

Find contacts where a recent change has occurred, such as a new business, the opening of more branches, or a moving business.

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