Bad Debt Notification

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When a business goes insolvent, it has an impact on the wider business network around it.

Insolvencies create bad debt, which can cause an otherwise financially sound creditor to face hardship, pushing the bad debt further along the chain.

Help defend yourself from the full force of bad debt using Experian’s Bad Debt Notification service.

How does Bad Debt Notification work?

Bad Debt Notifications use Statement of Affairs (SoA) to warn you about pending bad debt in your business customer portfolio, before it happens.

  1. Send your customer data via our secure data transfer service
  2. We’ll match your portfolio to our comprehensive UK business database - BusinessView
  3. We send you email notifications whenever an adverse event occurs to your customers

Why use Bad Debt Notification?

  • Protect yourself from your customers’ customers. Your own customer portfolio might look healthy, but there’s a risk that your customers’ portfolios aren’t in as good a shape as yours
  • Get ahead of the effects of bad debt. If your customer appears on a Statement of Affairs, we’ll send you a notification so you can make provision for losses you may face
  • Get smart, timely notifications. Receive notifications either daily, weekly or monthly. We’ll also calculate how bad a debt is likely to impact you, based on the value of the debt and business assets