Portfolio Monitoring

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Monitor and maintain your portfolio to ensure an up-to-date view

Make sure you know when one of your existing accounts dissolves, changes their ownership, or even changes an Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) by dynamically monitoring your portfolio.

Monitoring helps you maintain an up-to-date view of your customer portfolio and the associated risk exposure, by tracking:

Changes in company basic details

Changes in data impacting risk measures

Key parties’ changes (shareholders, directors, UBOs)

Adverse legal information (winding up petitions, dissolutions)

Receive notifications as soon as a customer experiences a change so you can have a clear understanding of their present circumstances.

How can this help?

  • Feel confident you are up-to-date with customer changes to make informed risk decisions
  • Improve compliance by reducing the risk of missing, hidden or changing information
  • Deal with suspicious activity as quickly as possible
  • Complement your periodic customer reviews with focused trigger based reviews in line with your risk appetite
  • Replace manual processes to monitor customers with automated procedures
  • Stay up-to-date with customer accounts and potential financial crime risks

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