A single platform to generate new business opportunities using advanced prospecting and real time alerts.

Simplify how you search for companies and improve return on investment through proactive prospecting and campaign planning. Maximise customer potential by developing relationships to help you grow new business.


Intelligent lead generation

Find companies, people or topics using advanced keyword searching


Company insights

Research actionable insights about companies and industry topics


Personalised alerts and news

Monitor your own prospects and customer information in real-time

Experian’s TargetIQ is a cloud-based platform using a combination of Experian’s best in class business UK market data, proprietary scores, social media, news data and information from companies’ websites to enable more effective prospecting to help your business grow. With TargetIQ you can refine your target audience using the most comprehensive business database and discover 100s of business attributes to segment your market.

Smart Search

Learn more about your targets

Use TargetIQ to find key decision-makers and receive the latest and most relevant information about registered and non-registered businesses through a diverse array of sources, all in just one place:

Build prospect lists

Within TargetIQ you can swiftly build segmented lists of companies and people, to be downloaded or imported directly into Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics365, with key firmographics pre-populated, using our own integrated plug-ins; enhancing your workflow and increasing productivity.

Create new opportunities

Drive up your response rates and generate new opportunities by targeting the most likely successes, including niche markets, and by prioritising activities based on rich data sets, proprietary data assets, and real-time news feeds.

Drive better sales results

Maximise your time by enhancing existing data and importing lists into Salesforce/Microsoft Dynamics 365. Increase lead generation through upselling and cross selling using insights from Experian’s rich data profiles.


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