4D Credit is the most comprehensive and innovative suite of commercial credit data and insight solutions on the UK market, combining Credit risk, Survivability, High Growth and Affordability scores. Using our market-leading data, insights and models, 4D Credit combines traditional and non-traditional data, with built-in data science, analytics and consultancy.

Unlock your commercial lending intelligence, supporting small business growth

With 4D Credit, you get access to the widest possible data universe at your fingertips for a complete view of how the macro-economic environment – including high interest rates, high energy costs and unstable customer confidence – is impacting commercial customers. 

4D Credit leverages data from Experian’s up-to-date industry-leading sources of information on UK SMEs and sole traders (including commercial CATO data, CAIS data and Payment Performance data with over 6 million ledger transactions) to drive and inform your lending decisions. 

By combining commercial Credit risk scores, Survivability, Growth scores and Affordability metrics, 4D Credit gives you accurate, up-to-the-minute insights into customer credit risk and new lending opportunities. 

  1. Better understand current portfolio 
  2. Protect your business with advanced risk and debt management 
  3. Help your customers improve their financial performance and market share

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The benefits at a glance

Credit risk and affordability insights

Traditional and non-traditional data

A multidimensional and robust view of customers

Greater predictive accuracy for existing scores

Optimise risk appetite to support underserved businesses

Determine which businesses are going to fail and best equipped to survive or grow

Make decisions based on businesses' long-term impact

Protect your portfolio by proactively managing problem debt

Partnering with Experian has enabled Metro bank to tangibly improve its lending offering and service to SME customers through an automated, digital unsecured lending journey. Experian’s expertise across credit bureau data, decision systems and credit risk consultancy has been critical to delivering on this objective.
Ermal Ngjeci, Metro Bank (UK)

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