As the digital age increases and online services become more accessible to everyone, it has opened more opportunities and more accounts for criminals to attack and takeover. Account Takeover attacks increased by 34% in the last couple of years.

Account Takeover attacks can target bank accounts, loyalty accounts, retail accounts and social media – anywhere that a consumer uses a username and password to access the account.

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Are you keeping your customers safe online?
It is important to remember that Account Takeover fraud is not a single event, it goes through different stages: 

  • Stage 1. Bulk Login - Fraudsters use stolen credentials to test their accuracy by credential stuffing. 
  • Stage 2. Account access - Once the data can be confirmed as valid, fraudsters will manually access accounts. 
  • Stage 3. Account detail update - The point the fraudster takes control they will change key details, email, telephone to lock the customer out of the account. 
  • Stage 4. Extracting value - Fraudsters are now able to extract the value from the account, making purchases, transferring funds and using the data to open new accounts.
    Experian's ATO service offers you a complete defence package against attacks.

Fraud Open Account Monitoring brochure
  • Free Demo - Live, Video
  • Cloud based
  • Custom Integration available, Microsoft CRM
Fraud Open Account Monitoring brochure

The benefits at a glance

Our device intelligence technology that helps to build a profile of the users familiar or usual activity

Behavioural Biometrics that helps build a user profile by identifying the behavioural and cognitive actions taken while active

Known fraud checks used to flag any previous fraud or high risk flags that might have been associated with the account or device in the past

Machine Learning is used to optimise result giving you the power to decide whether if it is a true login attempt or potential fraudsters

All of this is enabled you will have a single access point that allows you to have full confidence in customer interactions

Identify new fraud vectors and work out how to defend against them, and reduce costs from false positives

Provide your customers with invisible, seamless journeys

Develop two way trust with your customers and protect them from fraud attacks

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