With Experian’s Advanced Eligibility solutions everyone involved in the open banking journey benefits. Open banking data provides a more comprehensive financial profile of a consumer and allows them to prove their creditworthiness and affordability through additional information not included in the credit bureau.

Functionality that delivers your goals

By collecting this data and sharing it with lenders during the enquiry journey price comparisons can offer best products and rates in the market which in turn increases the number of lender referrals and conversion rates. And for lenders Advanced Eligibility will not only help them to make better credit risk decisions on consumers searching for credit products but will also help them to grow. These solutions require very little technical integration and are easy to use.

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The benefits at a glance

Consumers can instantly access fairer credit and personalised offers by connecting their bank account

Give consumers the best products and rates in market and increase quality of leads and conversion

Grow with increased clicks and conversion rates without changing risk guardrails

Use Open Banking data in eligibility and lending decisions without having to collect, manage or integrate the data

Increase referrals and conversion rates

Lend to a once invisible consumer base

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