With Experian Affordability, we make sure you can treat every customer as an individual; helping them meet their needs and goals by better understanding their personal circumstances.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Affordability IQ provides access to personalised affordability insights created from the Experian bureau, our insight allows you the flexibility to be able to tailor your customer experiences with the minimum amount of friction in your journey.

Using our insights, you can streamline their lending process whilst ensuring that the service provided is proportional to what a customer can afford. The service can be used on its own, or when
appropriate in association with Experian’s Open Banking service to optimise your insight and understanding of a customer’s finances

Download our Affordability IQ guide
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Download our Affordability IQ guide

The benefits at a glance

Our affordability data can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of your business and customers

Use our personalised estimates of an individual’s income to obtain a more accurate assessment of their ability to afford a service

Prequalify a customer’s suitability for a product to ensure they only access products they can afford

Our easy to use bureau indicators may reduce the volume of customers going through manual review

Monitor changes in a customer’s financial circumstances to understand their ability to continue to afford a loan.

Proactively manage a customer’s capacity to afford a loan so you can increase credit limits when they can afford more

Demonstrate full transparency in your decisions through our supporting documentation and interactive worksheets of our solutions that explain our inco

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