Understanding your existing business customers, their ownership, management and trading activities can be timely and costly to risk manage and involve various levels of regulatory requirements. Complex business structures can mean you need to take further steps to be sure you know who you’re dealing with.

How we can help?

Some businesses often have less transparency with less publicly available information, making them harder to verify. Ineffective systems can also fail to understand the full corporate structure to identify all beneficial owners. Getting it wrong can cause delays, inconvenience and a negative experience for both you and your business customers. Our solutions make it quicker and easier for you to obtain single customer checks through a back-book assessment or new portfolio acquisition. We can help you with these challenges so you fully understand the corporate structure and the multiple individuals that sit behind a business. Verification and validation of the business customer can provide you with the confidence that you know who you are dealing with so you can demonstrate appropriate, risk-based decisions - quickly and confidently.

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The benefits at a glance

Keep data updated with daily feeds from Companies House. We match and integrate in our database

Using our shareholder and director data, we use a unique algorithm to analyse all layers of the company

A cumulative formula calculates any individuals with shares or voting rights of 10%

We can also add Persons of Significant Control (PSC) data to identify any individuals with control of the business

Reduce the risk of missing hidden or changing information by screening existing business customer back books

Speed up and provide consistent automated checks, providing a positive customer experience

Establish AML scoring assessing the risk profile in terms geography, entity and industry of the customer portfolio

Assist with Financial Crime Compliance regulatory requirements

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