Aperture Data Studio provides the functionality to manage the end to end process of validation, cleansing and production of a file in the required CRA submission format. Prebuilt rulesets enable you to rapidly assess the quality of your data to help ensure that you meet reporting obligations in line with SCOR, ICO and FCA regulation.

How can Aperture Data Studio help?

Aperture Data Studio for CAIS supports the Identification and resolution of data quality issues in your monthly submissions. With access to the CAIS master file, you can compare to your input files and identify missing fields, rejected records, missing accounts and PII data issues allowing you to correct these before the data is sent to the CRA. Database Management – all in one data capture and data management system that can connect to internal systems and supports multiple common file formats. Analytics and Data Enhancement - Prebuilt Consumer and Commercial CAIS validation rules and the ability to build bespoke rules. Dashboards and account level views of the data quality of the file. Data can be shared with users for investigation and external reference materials such as PAF or business address validation can be added to standardise, enhance, and cleanse the data. File Creation – Import data from your internal systems and output in the required CRA format.

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The benefits at a glance

Auditable and demonstrable - file validation process to fulfill regulatory data quality requirements.

Ease of use – an intuitive self-service interface enables visual workflow design, auto-detection of file formats and machine learning of match rules

Unified Intelligent platform – sophisticated data quality capabilities configurable in a single platform for your needs

Automatic validation and enrichment – enhance your name and address data in a few simple clicks with access to Experian’s unique curated reference dat

Time to value – deploy in days not months and quickly access transformative trusted data

Minimised file rejection - by supporting pre-submission checks against the CAIS reporting specifications

Reduced manual interventions - resulting from submission errors

Faster response to customer queries - enabled by quick and easy comparison of customer records against your CAIS master file

Frequently asked questions

Yes – Data Studio can be deployed with a package containing the CAIS validation rules (including those which compare the monthly supply to the master file). In addition to these checks, users can define their own rules for programmatic or ad-hoc validation.

Yes – designers can control what level of interactivity/selection of columns are displayed to Consumer Users (who are performing the investigations)

Yes, we have pre-built all of the accepted formats and converting is a very simple process

All tasks can be scheduled to run on any given time / date.  These can be based around successful tolerance measures being achieved or staggered to allow for manual review

Yes, we have also built the file formats for Commercial CAIS and CCDS along with the full suite of Experian validation rules

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