Aperture Governance Studio is an intuitive, easy to use solution that works across sectors. With a simple, user-friendly interface and a wealth of governance capabilities, it makes sense of data for users at all levels.

Find, track, understand and manage your data, building an accurate picture of the data assets you have, how data moves around your business and how it is used.

Aperture Governance Studio

Drive business success with well managed and controlled data that you can trust.

To maximise the potential of data, it’s vital that it is correctly managed and controlled. As the volume of data being produced increases exponentially, consumers demand more from the businesses they interact with and regulatory requirements intensify, the businesses that succeed are the ones that understand and harness the power of their data. Data governance provides the framework for this.

Aperture Governance Studio is a uniquely user-friendly platform that delivers a wide range of data governance capabilities through a simple user interface. Set definitions for your data items, assign ownership, create policies, identify the impact of data on business processes, create and manage data automations and much more with this flexible solution designed to help businesses of all sizes, across all sectors, govern their data.

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The benefits at a glance

Deliver clarity and understanding about data items with the business-focused data catalogue: establish set definitions for your data assets

Meet regulatory requirements and bring order to your data estate with data policies: build and set policies, then store in the central repository

Build a culture of accountability with data ownership: clear, multi-level visualisation of data ownership across the organisation

Better understand the impact of data with impact analysis: visual dashboard monitoring the impact of data on people, processes and the business

Foster transparency and auditability with data events: record breaches, data events and issues in a single location

Optimise the way you use and work with data with automations: assign tasks and monitor progress

Data Governance has been a game changer for our organisation. Partnering with Experian to increase our Data Governance efforts has improved the ownership of our data whilst creating a more data focussed culture at Wessex Water. It has also enabled improved business outcomes and allowed us to implement more efficient processes.
Jon Weeks, Wessex Water

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