App Library - Micromarketer is an OnPremise software application which provides you with the tools you need to generate rich and valuable customer and location insight. It includes access to both area and customer profiling, distance and spatial analysis tools to help you get the most out of your organisation's data. Access to our Local Area data can be tailored to you and your organisation.

Customer and location insight within a single software package

App Library - Micromarketer is Experian's latest tool for generating customer and location insight within a single software application. Combined with Experian's Local Area data, you are able to quickly & easily generate insightful profiles on your customers using Mosaic or FSS segmentations, or create location profiles using a range of Experian's demographic data points. You can use App Library - Micromarketer to understand who your customers are, visualise where they live and where to find more of them, and use intuitive reporting workflows to identify areas for targeted marketing and use insights through Experian's data to optimise your marketing strategy.

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The benefits at a glance

Profile, rank and compare areas using Experian's Local Area data

Quickly profile customer data using Mosaic or Financial Strategy Segments

Identify the potential of areas of interest, using Local Area data and competitor insight

Benchmark performance and create trade areas

High quality mapping and data visualisation

In-product support & training, and Helpdesk support available Monday - Friday

Simple and straightforward user interface

Access can be tailored and customised to suit your needs

Frequently asked questions

App Library - Micromarketer is a desktop based software application. Our engineers will work with you to identify a time and date suitable for an installation.

Yes. There is support embedded within the product, from quick start guides to full training guides, and our Helpdesk are available Monday - Friday. Introductory training will also be available to schedule on request.

Any of Experian's Local Area data assets can be subscribed to and accessed within App Library - Micromarketer; access to datasets is flexible and can be tailored to your organisational need. You can also bring in your own customer and location data into the system for analysis, in addition to third party datasets.

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