The Automotive value segments use predictive analytical modelling methods to provide an effective way for marketers to connect their messages with the audience most likely to be in market or owning a a type of car. The audiences leverage Experian’s combination of proprietary data assets to target segments of owners by industry standard segments, value groups and now by fuel / engine type to incorporate hybrid and electric models.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Using ownership data of all cars registered in the UK, we have created modelled audience segments using three main elements: 

  • Body Style 
  • Value Group 
  • Fuel Type

This gives marketers the ability to:

  • Identify the audiences relevant to a particular make and model.
  • Build audience strategies for sustainability as well as growth using the value segment for that make / model.
  • Develop effective marketing strategies as part of holistic car buying journey.
  • Activate audiences in both traditional and digital channels.

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The benefits at a glance

Identify and build audience strategies for electric and hybrid Models

Understand and market to like minded audience segments

Activate consistent audience strategies across traditional and digital media channels including TV and social

Reach New and Used car audience buyers based on their current car ownership

Create different offers for different market segments based on fuel / engine types

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