A payment made in error or from fraud can be disastrous, leading to delays, liability claims, exposure to third party fraud and potential damage to your reputation. Don’t allow bank account validation checks to be a burden on your payment processes, staff or customers. Use near real-time business account validation and verification checks to be sure you’re paying the right business, every time.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Bank Wizard Absolute makes the connection between your customers, suppliers and their bank accounts in near real time, so that you can be confident you are making payments to the right businesses.

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The benefits at a glance

Drastically reduce payment processing errors

Reduce the risk of internal and bank transfer fraud

Reduce the risk and correction costs of failed payments

Improve customer acquisition, collections and payments efficiency

Help you to comply with BACS Direct Debit scheme rules

90% typical match rates providing value to 18m transactions per annum

Compatible with Experian's CrossCore anti-fraud platform

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