Bespoke behavioural segmentations help you gain deeper insights into your customers. 

Using rich first party data, you can identify groups of customers who share similar behavioural traits when interacting with your brand – this might be lifetime value, next product purchase, preferred communication channel or propensity to use a credit facility.

Behavioural Segmentation that delivers your goals

With the right approach, behavioural segmentation can help businesses gain a competitive advantage and create deeper connections with customers. 

We'll work closely with you to define your objectives and ensure the segments are tailored and optimised to your needs. 

We have a proven approach to segmentation development, combining rich first party data with Experian’s breadth of market leading demographic and classification data, helping to bring the segments to life. 

Linking with first-party data, also allows for the extrapolation of Experian segments across wider non-customer populations realising additional use cases such as new customer acquisition, market sizing and penetration.

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The benefits at a glance

Segmentation models based on actual customer behaviours, enabling a deeper understanding of your customer

Identify your most valuable customers, upsell opportunities and churn risk

Alignment with Experian data allows for demographic profiles and personas to be derived

Wider population extrapolation allows the segments to be actioned across non-customer groups

Integrated directly into CRM strategy

Actionable insights for targeted campaigns, leading to higher customer engagement, loyalty, and return on investment

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Blog: What is market segmentation?

Do you know who your best customers are, which offers and promotions they're most likely to be interested in, and which channels they prefer?

Frequently asked questions

Any business that seeks to understand their customers better and create effective marketing campaigns can benefit from behavioural segmentation. It is particularly useful for businesses with rich transaction data, such as financial services, retail or Telcos.

Bespoke behavioural segmentation is unique in that it goes beyond basic demographics, designed to help you gain deeper insights into your customers.

Yes, we can provide case studies and examples of how behavioural segmentation has been used successfully by other businesses. Please contact us for more information.

The length of a behavioural segmentation project depends on the complexity of transactional data and the scope of the project but typically takes several weeks to complete.

The cost of a behavioural segmentation service depends on the complexity of transactional data, the scope of the project, and the industry. We offer competitive pricing and work with clients to provide customised solutions that fit their budget and business needs. Please contact us for a quote.

Get in touch to find out how Bespoke Behavioural Segmentation can help your business

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