A Credit Bureau is a critical part of the financial infrastructure of any country. It provides rapid access to accurate and reliable standardised information on potential borrowers, enabling lenders to evaluate credit risk more accurately and to reduce lending processing time and costs. This in turn promotes profitability and increased credit activity. Experian assists in establishing and supporting Credit Bureaux in markets around the world with consultancy services and systems for Information Services Businesses

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Experian Decision Analytics division provides solutions that enrich customer data and allow organisations around the world to proactively manage their relationships with their customers. As one of the world’s foremost decision solutions companies, Experian delivers more than five billion decisions annually and enables connectivity to over 70 Credit Bureaux worldwide. Experian is: - Providing solutions that enrich customer data and allow organisations around the world to proactively manage their relationships with their customers - Striving to increase the amount of, enhance the quality of, and improve the cost-effectiveness of credit information data and associated services throughout the world - Providing decision-support solutions on a global basis, and has a keen desire to partner to create improved data sources and services - Maintaining an outstanding reputation for security and confidentiality in the management of sensitive data sources - Pioneering the concept of data sharing between institutions in many markets, enabling critical information to be shared in a manner that protects both the consumer and the lender’s interests - A trusted partner of major financial organisations throughout the world Experian seamlessly integrate data with scoring, software, analytics and consultancy, making it uniquely qualified to offer innovative business intelligence solution that allows organisations to manage risk, reduce operational costs, deliver focussed and appropriate customer service and so increase overall profitability in areas such as customer management and customer acquisition. Experian establishes Credit Bureau or information services organisations in markets around the world. Consulting and systems can also be supplied to organisations planning on establishing an information services business. Experian has become a trusted partner of organisations worldwide, working with over 30 Credit Bureau organisations globally. Credit Bureau solutions and consulting services have been supplied to banks and banking associations, government organisations and supervisory bodies in both developed and emerging markets. These services have been particularly in demand in the fast-growing economies of Central and Eastern Europe, South-East Asia and South America. The Experian Group operates 15 national Credit Bureaux, which are the first or second bureau in each market. These bureaux solutions include the UK and USA, which offer a wide range of information, including consumer, business, vehicle, insurance and a number of value-added services including authentication, fraud prevention and the indebtedness index.

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The benefits at a glance

Lenders can use Credit Bureaux to make better lending decisions

Businesses and consumers can utilise Credit Bureaux service to gain access to credit

Governments and central banks can use Credit Bureaux to help manage consumer and business indebtedness

Authenticate applicants and discover any links between the applicant’s personal finances and business dealings

Provide accurate information to lenders that can have an effect on creditworthiness, thus assisting in an objective credit decisioning

Protect consumers against over indebtedness by helping lenders ration credit based on capacities to pay

Enable lending to new low risk customers with no previous credit history

Verify information supplied by the applicant and be aware of known or suspected fraud concerned with the applicant

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