A credit report by Experian gives you invaluable insight into a business’ financial stability, so you can make faster and better risk decisions. Being armed with the right knowledge about your existing or potential customers will ensure you can offer the most appropriate terms, improve your customer experience and reduce risk to your business.

Functionality that delivers your goals

BusinessIQ Reports help you assess the creditworthiness of potential customers, suppliers and existing trade partners, we can provide you with instant access to a broad range of comprehensive business credit risk reports and scores across the UK and Internationally. Our extensive range of business credit reports can help you with a wide range of queries, including Corporate Tree reports, Director and Secretaries reports and Limited Company Risk reports.

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The benefits at a glance

Instantly pull new up-to-date credit reports on a business you are thinking of partnering with

Quickly access credit reports, process applications, and add notes for approvers

Insightful, long-term view of a company’s performance through Commercial Delphi Credit Score trend information

Shareholder information for sharper insight into company status and a quick understanding of any majority shareholding

Easy financial interpretation with analyst comments

Experian’s Commercial CAIS information is also available for insightful detail on how your customers pay other businesses

Part of the Business IQ Commercial Credit Management Platform

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